Dev Tool Things

Sometimes, when the feeling’s just right, we make games here at Boldly Games. Unity is our clichéd weapon of choice, but here’s some other stuff.

Robot Arms

RobotArms is an Entity/Component/Processor library for Unity3D written by David and Trenton. It is what we use on all our projects now. At first glance it will be strange to someone used to traditional OOP, but if you’re sick of spaghetti code, consider this penne. It is delightful.


GoodStuff is a C# extension library that builds on LINQ to add concise and easy to use methods for a variety of common problems. Never write another boring For loop again! It also features a Unity specific namespace full of helper methods and functions. New (good) stuff is constantly being added (when we remember to patch github).


BehaveN is a functional style behavior tree system for C#.

Unity Editor Helpers

(Put these in an Editor folder.)

Scene List editor window

Makes switching scenes in the editor fast and easy because Trenton is lazy. CTRL-Shift-O (or CMD-Shift-O for you mac people) to open the window. You’ll see a list of buttons to the scenes in your Build Settings. You can also press a number key to load a scene. Dock the window somewhere nice, or open it with the hotkey, press a number, then hit Esc to close. Yum.

Tags/Layers/Scenes Builder

Strings are gross. Use this editor script to generate classes for all your Tags, Layers, and Scenes. Then you can reference them in code (Tags.PLAYER, Layers.PROPS, etc.). Remember to rebuild this list when you change one of those things (Edit -> Rebuild Tags, Layers, Scenes Classes). Written by the dreamy Devin Reimer.

Create Child GameObject

Shift-Alt-N to create a new gameobject under your currently selected object (or just a new one if you don’t have anything selected). It’s created at 0, 0, 0, which makes it way better than Unity’s infuriating version. Someone somewhere wrote this, thanks stranger!

Transform Reset Buttons

Adds little buttons next to Position, Rotation, and Scale on the Transform component. If you’re like us, you constantly need to zero out these fields, so save yourself some time and click the button. Someone somewhere wrote this, thanks stranger!

Visual Studio / MonoDevelop / Xamarin solution fixer

Matthew Wegner from Team Colorblind wrote this super handy script. It strips off any Unityscript projects that Unity includes in the solution and also removes Unity’s overrides for tabs and parentheses placement. The only issue is that if you have errors in your project Unity won’t run this and you’ll get the default yucky solution. You can compile this into a standalone dll and toss that in your Editor directory for uninhibited editing goodness. Thanks Matthew!