Boldly Games is an independent game studio located in Fridley, Minnesota.


DeannaDeanna Nygren Greyoak, Art Monster

Deanna is a jane-of-all-trades artist. Before starting her own studio and freelancing, she was a Senior Artist at Certain Affinity in Austin, TX. She worked on Halo 4, Halo Anniversary, Crimson Alliance, and Age of Booty: Tactics. Check out her portfolio here. She has experience with a wide range of art styles, both 3D environments and character work, conceptual art/illustration, and now small indie game development! Deanna can’t help but dance when music plays and secretly wants to be on the Syfy show FaceOff and/or Project Runway. Also, she loves her three cats, Jasmine, Junipur, and Arigato.


TrentonTrenton Kennedy Greyoak, Types Things

Trenton got his start in the industry working for Sony Online Entertainment in the perpetually weird city of Austin, TX.  He worked on DC Universe Online for several years mostly as a content designer.  After his baby (an unannounced MMO) was sent to purgatory, he decided it was time to go indie and make his own bad decisions.  Now he spends his days programming in Unity, GMing Dungeon World, and trying to get Deanna to marry him DONE.